Simone is an eternal optimist, gloomy rationalist and mediocre blogger.

After spending three years in the Church (in various denominations) she finally gave into the nagging feeling that Judaism was calling her home in late 2016.

She blogged privately and for TheOdysseyOnline until her existential crisis.

Since then, she blogs about the long, slow but completely worth it journey of conversion to Orthodox Judaism, documenting the challenges and the rewards that are gifted to her by her Creator along the way.

She loves everything and anything that predates the 1970s and can often be found snuggled up with her cats, watching a Marilyn Monroe classic.  For this reason her posts may take a vintage detour every once in a while.

She resents writing about herself in third person, just as she resents being unreliable, but she is and does so anyway. If her posts tickle your fancy, you can subscribe for more gloriousness right to your inbox. Shalom!